AGENCY PLAN: The Benefits Explained

Get the benefits of a Platform, with the support of an Agency

  • Biweekly calls with a dedicated Account Manager, including:
    • Reviewing your sales & marketing objectives, and devising the best strategy to meet your goals and maximize ROI
    • Building campaigns, with customized recommendations for deliverables, budget, athlete criteria, etc.
    • Ongoing updates to campaigns to ensure the best athletes are applying
    • Determining best fit athletes from applicant pool and assisting with creation of proposals
    • Managing the deal process to ensure athletes complete their deliverables on time, with quality content, and using all instructions

  • Pricing recommendations. Exclusive in-depth pricing recommendations on all platform athletes to ensure you are getting the best possible rate. Using data from our 6000+ deals, we will provide you with up-to-date athlete pricing which will help you save money and avoid overpaying.
  • Platform management. Inviting athletes to your campaigns, onboarding athletes who are on your wish list if they are not on the platform, rejecting athletes that aren't good fits, and helping you create & edit deliverables for your campaigns.
  • Strategy sessions. Biweekly with the Account Manager and semi-annually with OpenSponsorship's CEO, including:
    • Best practices on sports marketing and influencer marketing, e.g. the best channels for driving conversion, use of video vs. images
    • Sharing success stories from all OpenSponsorship campaigns and deals for integration into your future campaign strategy
    • Suggestions on relevant and timely campaigns considering the sports calendar and national events calendar
    • Brainstorming based on your company objectives, e.g. new product launch or focus on underperforming channels 
    • Competitor analysis based on their use of athletes and influencer marketing   
  • Paid social media campaigns. Running your paid ads by whitelisting the athlete you partner with on paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns through their channels.
  • PR Benefits. Actively pitching your brand and athlete partnerships to publications for PR opportunities. For example, check out an example of a brand client athlete deal we secured placement for in Forbes.
  • Increased ROI Reporting.  Alongside the standard ROI reporting available on the OpenSponsorship platform, we'll provide you with a ROI report with extensive details including website uplift, sales uplift, engagement, comments, unique campaign highlights, and learnings for future campaigns.
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