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Boost Live Event Awareness With Athletes

OpenSponsorship Case Study

A comprehensive case study about how AIG, Hydrow, and LIV Golf utilized OpenSponsorship to improve their event attendance, awareness, and viewership by working with professional athletes on promotional campaigns.


Hydrow's Tight Timeline

Hydrow was hosting an event at SuperBowl LIV, and approached OpenSponsorship with the need for some last-minute promo opportunities to make sure the event was a success. They came to us with only two weeks until the event - but we made it happen!

3.9m Accounts Reached

36 Athlete Applications

9 Athletes Hired


Jan 20th

Hydrow Approaches OpenSponsorship

The Hydrow team approached us with the idea of having athletes attend their event and make social posts to increase awareness.

Jan 25th

The Campaign is Live on OpenSponsorship

On OpenSponsorship, brands can create a campaign with set criteria that athletes can apply to. This one required that they be in the area to attend the event.

Jan 26th

36 Athletes Apply

Within one day 36 athletes that fit the criteria applied for the campaign.

Jan 27th

9 Athletes are Locked in

The Hydrow team made an offer to 9 of the 36 athletes that applied and all 9 accepted their offer.

Feb 2nd

Athletes Attend & Post

On the day of the event, Feb 2nd, all 9 athletes attended for their required 30 minutes, and each made a series of social posts.

Feb 4th

Metrics are Delivered

As a last step, the metrics from each athlete's social post are added to the platform for the Hydrow team to review the success.

LIV Golf Attracts Stream Viewers & Sells Tickets

LIV Golf, an ABG company, came to us wanting to increase the number of stream viewers of their highlight anticipated golf tournament. They had developed a social graphic and stream link that they needed help getting in front of as many golf fans as possible. Some athletes were also selected to attend the live events and create social posts while there to show fans that they can still get tickets to see the event in person.

3.8m People Reached

Across all 10 Athletes, the posts reached a total of 3.8m people on Instagram!

10 Athletes Hired

Within days of posting the campaign and its requirements, LIV's campaign received 50 applications from qualified athletes. 10 of these athletes were hired.

$11 CPM

With OpenSponsorship, LIV was able to collaborate with all 10 athletes for only $12,750!

AIG Solidifies its Support of the Women's Open

AIG established itself as a leading sponsor of the Women's Open, a major golf tournament by collaborating with several professional woman players and male advocates for women's golf. Their team came to us with a need to further promote their major sponsorship with the Women's Open. They asked us to build a campaign that would attract professional players with a large following on Twitter that could share their promotional video. 

3.6m Accounts Reached

50 Athlete Applications

9 Athletes Hired

A Successful Partnership For Everyone

Both The Brand and Athletes were pleased with the partnership and how the campaigns turned out! 

Sloane Stephens has a great management team and was a fabulous athlete to work with.

Case study_1


Marketing Director

Isabel created authentic and engaging content that really engaged her audience!

cse study_2

LIV Golf

SVP Events

Leah was excellent to work with! She was very professional and delivered more than what was expected

case study_3


Senior VP Marketing

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