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The Campaign

Brand Awareness | Social Media | Artists 

As part of their Full-Service plan, Blitz Innovations has a dedicated Account Manager to take their goals and turn them into campaigns with artists. Blitz Innovation is a company that manages several eCommerce brands and sells them on platforms such as Amazon. Their team wanted to find an artist with a substantial audience on social media that also matched their target market. They started off with two products just in time for summer, the Clever Garden Bird House and a Gazebo.

The Artists

Taylor Red 

Blitz Innovation and our team decided that Taylor Red would be the perfect fit for this campaign. The reason is the number of loyal followers they have and how their fanbase receives entertainment and lifestyle advice. With over 300k followers on their Instagram account, Taylor Red was able to get these products out there for everyone to see, and their bright personalities only enhance everything about the product.

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The Content


For this Campaign, Taylor Redd shared multiple posts about the products offered by Clever Garden. They had creative freedom on how they wanted to show off the products. The post needed to include and mention the Clever Garden birdhouse hanging in their yard with natural light. Their second post promoted the Gazebo explaining the details of the product and its features, such as being portable, easy to set up, and having interchangeable walls. 

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The Results




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