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Jabra Case Study

Case Study

Retail | Technology | Audio Equipment  

Jabra GN develops, manufactures, and markets a broad range of wireless headsets for mobile users and both wireless and corded headsets.

The Campaign

Product Seeding | Social Media | Brand Awareness

As part of their Full-Service plan, Jabra works one-on-one with a dedicated account manager that heads their goals and delivers campaign plans. Jabra approached their account manager with the objective of promoting various wireless earphones and headphones products. They wanted to build strong brand awareness through a product seeding campaign with multiple athletes on social media. 

OpenSponsorship is the only platform approved by Jabra and has resulted in over 100 professional athletes showcasing our brand, all made possible by OpenSponsorship. Thank you so much! 

Karl Bateson
Head of PR and Communications

The Athletes

Our team successfully helped Jabra publish 15+ different product campaigns since the beginning of our partnership. In all, the campaign brought on over 200 athletes ranging from college to pro that would best fit Jabra's brand image, produce the best quality content, and fit the target follower demographics.

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Athlete audiences broken down by age

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Activated Athletes Reach

The Content

For this campaign, athletes were given the creative freedom to show off their Jabra headphones as creatively and authentically as possible to engage their followers. The only requirement was that the product was clearly visible and that they mentioned Jabra's Instagram account. The posts ranged from athletes using headphones during a workout, practicing, and going about their daily life.

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Jabra Case Study
Jabra Case Study
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The Results


Athletes Activated


Average Engagement Rate

"I bought these on your recommendation and I am in love! I love that you have the option of noise cancellation or hear through."

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Lu Faustin Follower
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