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Case Study

Golf |  E-commerce 

Kestrel Golf takes golf tees to a new level, tees meant for enhanced performance and tees that hold up over time.

The Campaign

Brand Awareness | Increase Web Traffic

As part of their Full-Service plan, Kestrel Golf and our Account Managers teamed up to turn their goals into campaigns with golfers. Kestrel Golf makes golf tees that have their patented technology. Their tees allow for better performance on drives and last for multiple uses. They also have other golf accessories and apparel. Their team was looking to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic through female golfers that could create content with their products.


The Athletes

Averee Dovsek | Morgan Pankow

Kestrel partnered with two athletes for this campaign, both young woman golfers with large followings of golf lovers. These two have a dominantly male following; however, they have about 20% women following, being able to expand their reach. Women's golf is growing rapidly, and focusing on two young women for this campaign is something Kestrel Golf was looking for. 

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Athlete's audience location

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Athletes' audiences broken down by age and gender

The Content

The content for this Campaign blended product usage with creativity by the athlete. Each athlete made reels showing the use of Kestrel Golf tees and how to enhance their golf performance. They compared regular tees to Kestrel tees, and the difference was very noticeable. Their videos were informative and well-constructed to keep viewers engaged and show actual results. 

The Results


Total Views

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