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Case Study

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SteadyMD is a digital service that connects patients and doctors for the best and fastest experience all stress-free.

The Campaign

Brand Awareness  | Increase Signups | Increase Web Traffic

As part of their Full-Service plan, SteadyMD and our team at OpenSponsorship teamed up to reach their goals and turn them into campaigns with athletes. SteadyMD is an online platform that connects patients to doctors quickly and stress-free. Their team was looking to increase brand awareness and drive website traffic and signups and came to us to manage their partnership and connect them with the right athletes for their campaign. 

24% Increase in web traffic since working with athletes!

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The Athletes

Brandon Zingale | Perri Goldstein | Josh Dixon | Cat Zingano | Santia Deck | Jennifer Tavernier | Nick Symmonds

SteadyMD partnered with seven athletes for this campaign, with an average of 430,000 followers. Partnering with athletes as a health-forward organization is always a great idea, considering the athlete's followers care about their health and well-being. Each athlete has a different audience and a unique sport they are a part of, allowing a wide range of people to market to. 

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Athletes' Social Following by region

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Athletes' audiences broken down by age and  gender

The Content

The content for this Campaign was meant to be as personable and relatable as possible. Each of the athletes had a professional photographer take pictures of them. Some had a mug facial expression calling it the #Myfacewhen Campaign. Within this content, the athletes shared stories of their problems with doctors to make it as personal as possible and give the viewer something to cling to. They were all also able to customize their content to their sport to stay in line with their brand.

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The Results

The posts for this Campaign reached over 50,000 likes and hundreds of thousands of views through social media. After the Campaign launched, SteadyMD saw a 24% increase in website traffic which was one of their initial goals before the Campaign started. They also saw a 31% increase in social engagement, a considerable jump for a company of their size. Overall they had an $0.18 CPE (Cost Per Engagement). Considering the increased numbers, SteadyMD had a successful campaign with OpenSponsorship as we enabled them to reach the goals they set out for before contacting the athletes. 

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