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Case Study

Elevating Engagement: Athletes vs Influencers

1MD Nutrition's “New Year, New You” sees a clear winner among the influencer partners - Allen Lazard. This case study delineates how leveraging Athletes can significantly elevate brand visibility and interaction, offering a fresh, impactful marketing avenue.

Allen Lazard_OpenSponsorship case study


More Followers Reached

27% of Allen's followers viewed the reel he posted about 1MD's supplement. The other influencers averaged only 4.4%.


Higher Engagement Rate

With a total of 1,600 engagements on Allen's post, and having ~100k followers, his engagement rate was much higher than the influencers with an average of ~200k followers. 


More Comments

While the social media influencers averaged 6 comments on their posts, Allen hit a whooping 139 on his! 

The Content

Juice of the day

Allen decided to film a segment where he talks about the "juice of the day", highlighting what he is making today to show how he is eating healthy. In the video, Allen talks about 1MD, giving a full review of the product and showing viewers how easy it is to mix a drink with it. 

Allen was given creative freedom to produce what he wanted here, the 1MD team only required that he have a specific supplement be the highlight of the video.

The Comments

While other influencers received little to no comments, the comment section on Allen's post was a buzz. It contained hundreds of comments, some asking where they can pick up the 1MD supplements, others, calling out their support for him on the field. 

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Why Athletes?

Brands aiming for elevated engagement and reach should consider collaborating with athletes, as exemplified by Allen Lazard's impactful performance in the 1MD campaign. Despite a smaller follower base, Allen significantly outshone traditional influencers in views, likes, and comments. This showcases athletes' unique ability to foster authentic connections and drive brand interaction.

Athletes are often perceived as credible and genuine figures, which can transfer a level of trust and authenticity to the brands they endorse.

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Authenticity and Trust

As evidenced by Allen Lazard's performance, athletes can generate higher engagement rates and visibility compared to traditional influencers. 

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Increased Engagement and Visibility

Athletes often have diverse follower bases that span different demographics and interests, enabling brands to reach wider and varied audiences.

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Broader Audience Reach

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