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Case Study

Reaching the College Audience

Harmless Harvest partnered with College Athletes to raise brand and in-store product awareness. 

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Campaign Goals

Harmless Harvest was known to have many in-store locations near large universities and wanted to expand its market to nearby students. Harmless Harvest was looking for creative ways to boost awareness of its rapidly growing in-store presence. The main idea was to utilize Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) partnerships with college athletes - through this, they would be able to reach more college students and drive in-store sales from new consumers. 


Reach A Young Audience

The College Athletes they selected needed to be aligned with their in-store presence, as a majority of their sales are in these areas.


Brand Awareness

Harmless Harvest wanted to reach as many accounts as possible in their target audience.


Diversity Among Athletes

Harmless Harvest wanted to ensure the Athlete's they partnered with represented a diverse group.


High Quality Imagery

Harmless Harvest wanted to also get high-quality UGC from the athletes to make sure their products were well represented.

The Athletes

Harmless Harvest and its OpenSponsorship Account Manager decided on a diverse collection of college athletes for the campaign. They partnered with D1 Athletes - from star football players to college gymnasts at big universities like LSU, Penn State, Tulane, Auburn, and more. The athletes they teamed up with helped position Harmless Harvest as the primary brand for healthy hydration on campus. In total, 17 Athletes were selected for the social campaign.

The Content

The Athletes were given creative freedom to make content they want to make. There were some guidelines to abide by - a blend of daily usage on campus and their sport. Every athlete was given free rein to produce content that fit their social media and sports profiles. 

*Quick tip! 
On OpenSponsorship, all Athlete content can be reviewed and approved before going live and payment is released to the Athlete. 

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Campaign Results

In all, Harmless Harvest partnered with 17 athletes that had a social reach of over 132,000 on Instagram. 

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17 Athletes

In total, Harmless Harvest decided to partner with 17 College Athletes on the campaign.

17% Engagement Rate

At the end of the campaign, the total engagement rate was 17%.

132K Potential Reach

In total, the posts by the College Athletes had the potential to reach over 132,000 accounts with their posts.

Collab with College Athletes

There are over 2,500 College Athletes on OpenSponsorship actively doing deals! Click below to create an account and find your next College Athlete partner today. 

Harmless Harvest Case Study OpenSponsorship

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