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Virtual Education Session

How to Work with Brands and Sponsors

In this session, we will cover how Olympians can generate revenue through brand partnerships. You will also learn how OpenSponsorship can help you find brands that are interested in working with Olympians. 

July 11th 
12 noon CEST (Lausanne time)


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Meet the Speaker

Ishveen Jolly

Ishveen is the CEO and co-founder of OpenSponsorship. She has led the company to help 17,000+ Athletes do over $40m in deals with brands across the globe. 



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Generate Revenue with Brand Partnerships

Learn to find brands, position yourself, and create lasting relationships with brands to make revenue from your achievements.


"With OpenSponsorship and by growing my social media presence, I have been able to take on brand partners and generate a revenue stream outside of my time with Team USA"

Josh Dixon

Team USA

Why Take on Sponsorships?

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Generate Revenue

Working with brands can help you generate additional revenue!

Grow Your Social

When working with Brands, your work may be shared on their social, in turn helping your following grow!

Learn Business Skills

Working with brand partners will educate you on contract negotiation, pricing, and other valuable life skills.

Learn to do Deals like these!

Learn More

travelodge case study_12

Travel Lodge

Travel Lodge partners with Team Canada Olympians!

Learn More

walmart redo case_6


Walmart partners with NFL stars for spring fashion.

Learn More



Levi's & Dick's Partner with Athletes to show off new fashion.

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July 11th 
12 noon CEST (Lausanne time)